Hello, my name is Neil Saint Angeland. I own Writer Saint.

As a young boy, I was plagued with several health conditions and began to understand physical pain all too well.

Thankfully I grew up in a loving home with two amazing parents who love God and reflect his love to my two brothers and me, which helped in getting through the painful beginnings of my life.

My Parents came from farms and lived the farm life for most of their youth and learned what hard work and healthy living was all about.

Once they left the farm life to seek careers in the city, they then meet each other, married, and raised my brothers and me in a suburb near the big city.

As we grew up we got the best of both worlds, which was the City life and the Farm life.

I learned where natural food came from and what natural remedies were all about.

I enjoy witnessing the birth of baby animals and watch farm life up close, which becomes a personal experience for me.

My health conditions worsened over time and as I grew up I found myself on prescription drugs and many visits to the doctors’ office with extended stays in the hospitals.

I became alienated by my peer group due to naïve parents thinking what I had as autoimmune conditions would spread to their children.

I was so alone I cried often as a child and as a young adult, however, my comfort was found with my strong loving parents and protective and loving brothers helping me get through my trial filled health issues.

During my time of isolation from my peers, my creativity and skills of writing and sense of adventure grew, year after year.

I found out something intriguingly interesting about myself, that whenever I traveled to the woodlands and parks, the pain and suffering in my body would change to energy which would bring me pure joy. I found there was healing in nature that would revive and recharge me.

My younger brother ended up experiencing similar health conditions to me and his search for a cure inspired me into researching along with him which lead both of us to find relief from our health conditions.

I always had a curious nature and I enjoy research, however, when my health conditions increased I strove even more towards finding cures for conditions that all of our bodies and minds can be afflicted with.

I have a strong passion to see others healed and I love researching old and new remedies. Ayurveda medicine intrigues me and I strive often to study this type and many other types of the holistic science of health which focuses on maintaining a physically and emotionally balanced state.

Once I was introduced to holistic science and started exploring the benefits, my pain in my body and mind started to lift and my body and mind began healing.

From this journey, I became a writer for natural health, which includes integrative medicine, and alternative health!

I am so grateful for everything my God, my Parents, my friends, and natural healers have shown me.

You might ask if I am against medicine from pharmaceutical companies? The answer is no.

I believe in integrative medicine, however, I also believe that pharmaceutical medicine does not heal anyone, but instead becomes a band-aid or stop-gap measure much like a tourniquet so the body can begin to focus on healing.

All of this that I have experienced in my life is why I am a copywriter for natural health and all of its interconnected forms.

When I went to college, finally my isolation had ended and during this time I discovered my natural talent for networking and became the big man on campus!

With all of this life experience, put me to work for you and your business needs for natural health, by contacting me here!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!