An Open Heart!

Health issues seem to be more common currently then they seemed to be when I was younger.

I have never heard so many cases of cancer thirty years ago in comparison to what I have heard currently.

Have you ever experienced dealing with one health issue after the next and wonder where it will lead this time and if will ever end?

How do we approach this ongoing health crisis?

Do we spend time trying to wrap our heads around it, or simply focus on our own health and share with others in our circle of influence?

What I have experienced when it comes to talking about health issues with others is that many people have various opinions and are not really open to others sharing advice that you would like to share with them.

The best you can do is focus on your own health and live as an example, with hopes of helping others seek relief in their health issues.

Recently I was able to reach my younger brother with his health issues by recommending natural supplements, and after trying for many years, he finally listened and found relief from his health issues.

Ever since I was very young I have had many health issues and several surgeries!

What I did over the years is find natural ways to manage my health issues and discover what aggravates my health and what improves my health.

It has been an incredible journey of pushing through difficult health issues in my life.

My latest encounter will be another heart surgery next week!

About 15 years ago I experienced what was a tear in my mitral valve and this should have killed me, by drowning me in my own blood.

One of the Cardiologist’s said it looked like a hand was holding the blood back from drowning my lungs.

The surgery at that time was just a repair, however, in repairing the issue, it only held off what was needed to come in the future and that would be a mitral valve replacement.

The repair would eventually cause scaring to build up in my valve causing it to become rigid and not being able to work properly.

Our bodies are complex and so very fragile. An issue so simple can cause catastrophic results!

I will be getting a mitral valve replacement with a valve from a pig.

At first, the medical doctors were adamant with wanting a metal valve in my heart, however, after putting up a good medical argument that took about three weeks, I was able to get a tissue valve instead.

Why did I put up with such a fight?

A metal valve requires a blood thinner and with the amount needed it would cause my other autoimmune health issues several problems.

In additional any upcoming surgeries could cause complications due to a metal valve needs constant thinning of the blood or blood clots could form and cause a stroke.

My Internal medicine doctor and a cardiologist from another medical health system helped me in getting my voice heard on this surgery issue.

A tissue valve does not need any thinning or tissue rejection medicine to maintain. It is, unfortunately, a temporary fix as it may only last me ten to fifteen years, or if my autoimmune system gives me more issue it could last only five. So I can understand the Doctors concerns on the tissue valve.

Thankfully the medical technology is getting better in this area of mitral valve replacement.

So you might be wondering, what is a Mitral Valve?

It is a valve that let’s blood flow from one chamber of the heart, the left atrium, to another called the left ventricle.

When it is not operating properly in my case where it was torn and needed sewing up, the pressure builds up to the upper chambers of the heart.

So why am I sharing all this medical information with you?

I was unable to post last week due to having my open heart surgery

In order for the surgeon to get to my heart, they need to literally crack me open to do their work.

Oh, how I wish they could find an easier way to my body to work on my heart.

My surgeon is one of the best in our Nation and he and his team took great care of me.

I will follow up this post later with stories of my hospital recovery!

Thank you for reading!

Neil Saint Angeland