Are You Unhappy with Valentines Day?

Happy Valentines Day!

Is this a word you hate hearing? Do you have a love-hate relationship with the holiday entitled Valentine’s day?

This is not a day that not everyone likes!

Mostly Singles really hate this day, because it may remind them of still being Single.

Or if you are in a relationship you may think you have to do something impressive for their S.O. on this exact day.

You may be unhappy with your relationship and wish for someone better.

Today is a day of a lot of Lonely Hearts.

Know that You are not alone today! You are Loved, and many Care about You!

Today reach out to Your friends who need encouragement today, and just listen to them, and then tell them You truly Love them!

And don’t stop at just today. Encourage and Love Your Friends Each and Every Day!

Know that You are NOT Alone!

May You All have an Amazing Valentines Wednesday!

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Thank You for reading!

To your Journey!

Neil Saint Angeland

Life Coach

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