Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Curable?

After several weeks of working an incredibly taxing day job, I would come home each evening and I was so exhausted I would just pass out in my lazy boy rocker!

At first I thought I was just drained by what I had to do each day, however after months of feeling wiped out and useless in the evening, I started to believe I might have chronic fatigue?

Before I entered the possibility of getting diagnosed for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, one of my roomies at the time gave me two packets of liquid nutrition.

I was a bit skeptical at first and then I thought “What do I have to lose”?, so I digested one of the packets, not realizing it was late in the evening and I gained a boost of energy!

At this point I was a bit nervous that with all of this energy I might not get to sleep and be well rested before going back to work…Too my surprise, once I went to bed, I slept like a baby, and then after breakfast I took the second packet of liquid nutrition.

This action and those vitamins gave me the healthy energy I needed for my workday! From that day forward, I firmly believed that nutrition is key to reviving our bodies and helping our bodies recover from almost every ailment.

I understand we cannot treat, diagnose or cure what ails us with vitamins, however I believe our bodies are starving for nutrients! In my nutritional life journey so far, I have met a few people who experience Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

One gal I meet named Annie, experienced this condition and could only stay awake for five minutes a day until finally adjusting her diet from meats and potatoes to a full on Raw Vegan Diet.

With this diet she had boundless energy and could stay awake most of the day. When I meet her I would have never guessed she struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

She bounced off the walls with energy and joy! I was completely mesmerized by her spirit and beauty. The key for her was also nutrition, through consumption of uncooked veggies and fruits.

Could something as simple as a diet change correct the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome condition? What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a condition that can be described as a debilitating fatigue that is constant or recurring. Not tiredness because of a long day, but fatigue much like having the flu.

Annie described her condition as feeling like she could not keep her eyes open for more than five minutes and then wake up late, however not feeling refreshed.

Other symptoms such as waking up feeling drained or like experiencing a hangover have been described by most sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Most of people with this condition take more time, up to two hours, to transition from sleeping to awake to activity.

The 2 Week Diet

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers may experience insomnia or require more than eight hours of sleep, yet still not feel refreshed in the mornings.

According to health care providers, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is not classified as a disease. When a patient experience unexplained persistent fatigue for more than six months, the health care provider will diagnose this patient with CFS.

When is comes to the condition of chronic fatigue syndrome it typically affects people between the ages of 20 and 50 years old and it appears that Caucasian women are more prone to chronic fatigue syndrome than others.

The medical community claims about three out of every 1,000 Americans may suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Is this statistic true or merely another fish net cast by the pharmaceutical companies to trap us with their medicines?

There seems to be no primary identifiable cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, however many researchers suspect that there are multiple contributing factors, such as a hyper-reactive immune system and a viral or other chronic infectious agent.

Several other medical conditions could also cause prolonged fatigue, however the diagnosis that need to be ruled out are depression, the Epstein-Barr virus, long-term autoimmune disease, pregnancy, sleep disorders, anemia, cancer, hepatitis, and diabetes, in addition non-medical causes need to be ruled out such as extreme exercise and excessive stress.

As discussed earlier, symptoms associated with chronic fatigue, disabling fatigue and exhaustion are most prominent. However the presence of at least four of the following symptoms concurrently may indicate CFS!

The following symptoms can be significant impairment in short-term memory or concentration, Sore throat, Headaches of a new type or severity, Joint pain without redness or swelling, Muscle pain, Tender lymph nodes, Poor quality of sleep, or exhaustion lasting more than a day after exertion!

Physical exams generally reveal only subtle abnormalities, typically lymph node tenderness or throat inflammation. Laboratory tests will most likely be normal.

Physicians will frequently rule out other possible causes of the fatigue, and if nothing can be found, the patient will often be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome by exclusion.

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment or reliable cure for CFS. The best predictor of improvement is to remain as active as possible.

It is important to have a physician who is sensitive to the syndrome, and avoid those who recommend expensive treatments that have no proven validity. The following treatments have been shown to be beneficial for many patients.

These treatments are exercise. Some studies have shown that those who engage in exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, actually feel less fatigue and an improvement in normal functioning. Aim for 20-30 minutes of aerobic activity at least five days a week. Do not over-exercise; maintain a moderate-to-low pace.

Stress-reduction exercises have been found to be helpful by performing breathing exercises daily and practice a relaxation technique such as yoga or meditation on a regular basis.

The 2 Week Diet

Be physically active each day. You need to expend some energy every day in order to have more of it.

Being selective about what support groups you discover for people with chronic fatigue syndrome. Seek those that are positive and avoid those who give you ideas for new symptoms and convey the impression that the disease will be with you for the rest of your life.

Connect with a cognitive-behavioral therapy specialist for CFS. This can help you regain a sense of personal control, improve physical functioning, and reduce fatigue.

Do not let your condition make you lose hope. Thankfully chronic fatigue syndrome is not a lifelong malady. Many patients have recovered well after one to five years of feeling ill. However do not expect to wake up cured one day.

Do accept the expectation to experience the ups and downs, with the downs becoming less severe and less frequent.

Get enough sleep each and every night. Sleep deprivation is one of the most common reasons for fatigue.

Taking Nutrition and Supplements can be helpful to prevent or lessen symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Start taking a general antioxidant vitamin formula plus a B-100 B-complex supplement.

Try eleuthero, 500 mg three times daily, and coenzyme Q10, 60-120 mg daily, both of these nutrients can help boost and maintain energy levels.

Consume two cloves of raw garlic daily and take astragalus root for its antiviral and immunity-enhancing properties. Look for products standardized to 16% polysaccharides and 0.2 % flavones. A usual dose is 2 capsules or tablets twice a day, unless the product directs otherwise.

And finally and probably most important, stay hydrated. Not drinking enough water can cause or contribute to fatigue to your body systems.

So in review, is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a condition or disease? Not according to health care professionals. Making attempts to get your exercise and fuel your body with proper nutrients is key to recovery from this rough condition!

Thank you for reading!

Neil Saint Angeland

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