Do You Fear Failure?

I don’t know anyone who initially thinks they will learn from failing.

We as a society are so fixated on winning that we accept no other outcome.

If we fail once we often give up.

But why do we fear failure?

There are several reasons. Interestingly, they have nothing to do with being born with low self-confidence.

It often has everything to do with fear of failure being a socially acceptable behavior.

What is your definition of failure?

What kind of failure do you actually fear the most?

Most fear of failure is short-sighted…meaning you don’t generally fear to fail to do something well after years of practice, hard work, and repetition.

What you may really fear is failing to do something right the first time.

Understand failure is a part of learning, and whether you dislike failure there are lessons to be learned in failing.

When you succeed quickly with no loss, most of the time all you see is that you won, but not always the details of how you could do better.

Accept failure. Don’t fail on purpose, but when you fail, look for the lesson in it.

Thank you for reading!

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Neil Saint Angeland