Energy Boosting Foods!

Energy is what we need to get through our On the Go day and night!

However too often we do not fuel our bodies with what is needed to get us properly fueled.

When you start your day, do you grab that sugar-coated granola bar or even worse, a candy bar for breakfast?

You may not have been told this before, but, Breakfast is the most important meal of your day! However, this post will not be focused on breakfast, but rather on foods that can boost your body to get through your morning, afternoon and evening.

There is a wide range of foods that can give you that energy boost you need.

All food provides some energy in the form of calories.

However, some foods come packed with more energy than others.

Some of the best boosters are, foods that you might not realize can give you the best boost! These foods can provide you with the nutrients needed to help you get through your day.

If you’re looking for a quick boost before you start your On the Go day, then yogurt is an easy grab On the Go snack.

Yogurt contains lactose, which is a milk sugar, that is used by your body for energy.

It also has a good amount of protein, which helps slow down the absorption of lactose, making the energy boost last longer.

Almonds have a relatively high number of calories per serving, which makes almonds a useful and healthy snack for delivering high energy in a small serving.

Almonds also pack in other nutritional benefits such as high fiber content.

You most likely won’t eat a whole cup of almonds in one sitting.

However, as a mid-afternoon snack or a way to keep your energy levels up through the day, small handfuls of almonds still provide sufficient energy for your body.

The downside of high fiber content of almonds may produce a laxative effect in your body, which could cause embarrassing bowel movements!

You may want to avoid eating too many almonds at one time for that reason.

Sweet potatoes are a great food for lunch or dinner and the vitamin C in sweet potatoes is important for your skin and promotes healing and a boost of energy.

Iron in sweet potatoes may provide your body with much-needed energy.

Potassium in sweet potatoes assists in building muscle and keeping your heart working properly.

Who doesn’t love honey?

There was a bit of a scare when we thought the bees were coming close to being on the endangered list!

Honey comes in so many flavors due to which flower or plants the bees get their nectar from. However more important than the flavor is the benefits of honey!

Because of honey’s high carbohydrate load, it is a wonderful source of unprocessed sugar energy.

When the glucose and fructose hit your bloodstream this gives you the boost you need to get moving. Honey is a great way to start off a long exercise regimen!

With fish you either love it or hate it, however, a certain type of fish will give you an amazing boost your body needs!

Salmon has been receiving a lot of hype for its high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which could lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease.

However, this pink fish also contains protein and vitamin B6, niacin and riboflavin! All of these nutrients help convert this fish food you eat into energy for your body and mind!

There is a certain cartoon character that made this green leafy vegetable famous!

This cartoon ate it from the can however rather than eating leafy green in a highly salted mushy form, you can have it another way!

Salads are still in demand everywhere!

The leafy green I am referring too is Spinach!

Spinach is an excellent source of Iron, which is a key component of energy production in your body.

You can eat a delicious spinach salad for lunch and avoid that afternoon energy slump! Also, salads are great for dinner as well! Some people even have them for breakfast!

So that is some of the best energy boosting foods available to you!

Avoid your energy drains today, by obtaining and consuming all of these energy boosting foods!

Thank you for reading!

Neil Saint Angeland

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