Failing Fast Forward!

Ever have one of those weeks where it feels like many obstacles get in your way?

This week I have experienced a hospitalized parent, my own medical issues, and to top it all off a rabbit chewed through my internet cable sending me to a library on a snow storming day!

No matter what we do, it often feels like it is met with failure.

How do you respond when faced with failures in trying to build your business?

Do you throw in the towel?

Put your business on hold?

Or think you don’t have what it takes to do your own business?

Many have faced obstacles and just stopped believing.

Have you tried to convince the investors, suppliers, and customers with your idea and they said no?

Do you fear, that maybe your business won’t be profitable?

Or Afraid you are lacking the skills, and knowledge to run to build your career and run your business?

I would advise not to stop before you start.

Life likes to throw us all curve balls!

My successful mentors and friends always figure out it all out on the go!

Continue to move forward, and expect things to go sideways! Then in your failing, you will succeed.

Thomas Edison stated he failed his way to success! I think you all know how many times Thomas Edison failed?

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Thank you for reading!

Neil Saint Angeland