Health Benefits of Mexican Tacos

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Mexican food in general can include high amounts of saturated fat from cheese and refried beans as well as trans fat from the lard used to make beans and tortillas.

Avoid fried meats, such as the fried meat often used for Carnitas, because this can add unhealthy saturated fats.

When you choose nutritious alternatives, Mexican food has the potential to benefit your health.

Knowing what foods to stuff your Tacos can provide these benefits, and will help you make the most nutritious choice the next time you either create your own Tacos or head to a Mexican restaurant for ready made Tacos.

Mexican tacos use many types of beans, including black and pinto, and each of them supplies a healthy amount of fiber.

Whole beans are more nutritious and higher in fiber than refried beans, so opt for tacos made with steamed beans instead of the fried.

A 1/2-cup of beans in your Mexican dinner will supply up to 7 grams of fiber, as well as a healthy amount of protein.

Vitamins And Minerals are abundant in foods used in Tacos!

Tomatoes, lettuce and salsa supply essential nutrients! Add Tomatoes, lettuce and salsa to your tacos to increase the nutritional content of your Mexican dinner.

Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C, which could help fight infection and could boost your immunity. Onions are also a healthy source of vitamin C.

Lettuce supplies fiber to your meal. Avocado is another common addition to Mexican dishes and is another way to boost the nutrition of your meal as it contains heart-healthy unsaturated fats, fiber and potassium.

Capsaicin is Spicy peppers, such as Jalapenos, and these peppers are another common ingredient in the salsa, chile and sauces used to create Mexican dishes.

The compound found in Capsaicin, has many benefits for your health. Capsaicin may be beneficial for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Capsaicin could also improve circulation and relieve the congestion associated with the common cold and with allergies.

Add salsa or chili to your next Mexican meal and you will be benefiting your health!

Protein is plentiful in tacos! Mexican Tacos can include meat, such as beef, pork, fish, shrimp and chicken.

Including lean sources of these meats in your Mexican meal can increase your intake of protein, which you need for energy and to keep your muscles and tissues healthy.

A lean beef taco or white meat chicken burrito are common ways to add protein to Mexican dishes.

Cheese is an additional source of protein that also supplies Calcium; however go easy on cheese because it could also increase the saturated fat and sodium content of your meal.

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