Holiday Recovery!


When I say Holiday recovery, I do not mean spending, or recovering from emotional slug outs with family members, but instead the one thing we often do the most and that is overeat during the Holiday season!

So, you overdid it during the holidays! Eating way too much or just ate something that did not set right in you. Maybe you didn’t binge but you got off track from your original diet plan and now you feel the body pains and emotional guilt.

You ate maybe more than you intended, perhaps too many of your favorite guilty pleasures or just a few in larger than planned quantities. Those holiday delights are hard too pass up!

Drinking maybe also got out of your control, beyond the point of intention. And now the consequences are playing out. Probably stuck in a bloated, sloth-like, catatonic state. Nursing a major headache with every shade shut and the covers over your head.

Did you take up residence in the water closet? Push yourself through the day because you notice your energy is off? Is your digestion not up to full speed? Is your mood not quite as it usually is? Whether you feel it was worth it or not, to indulge in the many holiday foods and dessert delights, anyone would want to reverse the course of misery that is caused during holiday eating!

I normally don’t do cleanses or detoxes, however, I do think we can help our bodies get back on track in using their own miraculous processes. With a little time and care, we can recover and move on from the holiday overindulging by choosing healthier eating and healthier living on a daily basis, going forward!

Unfortunately, however, the healthier we eat the rest the year, the more we might still feel a significant detour in our diet. That heaping plate of mashed potatoes with processed gravy product may still be laying on the guilt!

With healthy choices comes sensitivity to what’s unhealthy! If you’re looking to feel better after the Holiday eating season, consider these modest proposals for what ails and guilt’s you.

Try Morning fasts.

Most Holiday bingers would just eat their normal diet, but your body will tell you differently. Maybe the Holiday binging, makes fasting a given, but even if you are able to eat your normal diet, give your body a break until early or even mid-afternoon. Going for a few hours without eating could throw yourself head on into a major binge, however give your body the time it needs to take care of the residuals from the Holiday binging.

Drink Tea.

Take a break from solid foods for a while, and go ahead and hydrate your body with water, juice, or tea. Resist, however, shots of hard liquor or beer. Research has shown alcohol actually slows gastric emptying. One study compared the effects of tea, wine and schnapps on gastric emptying showed that tea won hands down. Although the tea in the study was simple black tea, consider tea without caffeine.

Your body is going through enough after Holiday binge eating! Chamomile can relax your nerves and your digestive tract, while peppermint can soothe an upset stomach. Try teas that something other than mint, if heartburn is an issue for you.

Be careful not to drink massive quantities of water since you do not want to drink so much that you end up diluting the gastric juices that are trying to do their job in helping you recover.

Avoid antacids and acid reducing medications.

Your gastric juices are present in your body to digest your food. If your food is slow to digest and feels like a rock in your stomach, using antacids or reducing the natural acids that will break food down and move them along may make logical sense too you, however it is advised to steer clear of these “fast acting remedies” and let the natural order of your body take place.

Go with Probiotics.

Whatever you ate most likely did damage to your bacterial profile. A study, shows it only takes a few days to effect substantial change in your stomach. While our stomach is amazingly adaptable, that holiday indulgence might not be doing you and your stomach any favors. Help replenish your healthy intestinal environment with a good probiotic supplement.

Get some help from enzymes.

Especially if you ate something that you don’t tolerate well, try a quality enzyme supplement. Visit your local health food store, co-op store or click on my link below for natural health supplementation that I sell. Avoid any enzyme, products that contains sugar or artificial colors, fillers, etc. While you are recovering it is not the time for chemical additives.

Move forward but don’t over do it.

You might not be a regular at the gym, but resist the urge to go couch potato all day. Research shows that slow, low-level moving like walking aids gastric emptying. Those residuals of your holiday binging will move along more quickly if you get your body moving and in the right gear. Get motivated towards a healthier lifestyle!

Get out of the cabin and into fresh air and sun.

If you are not in the hinterlands of North America in the frozen wintertime, then getting outside into fresh air can pull yourself out of your misery. Adding sun, of an hour a day might just give a your body that new lease on life. If you live in the Northern states, bundle up and get outside to take advantage of the fresh air and sun benefits, and stay outside as long as you are able. This action can give your some relief from overeating and drinking.

Eat small meals each day.

Fast as long as it is productive and comfortable for you, and then enjoy a modest micro meal. When you do partake in micro meals, choose something that will keep you satisfied without taking up too much space and energy in an already sensitive stomach. Some vegetable-based fiber and protein can be helpful.

Get plenty of bed rest.

Your body was put through the wringer during your Holiday Indulgences. However lethargic you have felt, certain body processes have been on overdrive or have been working harder to compensate for the food related stresses. Your body is intuitively demanding you to rest. Make sure you receive your body requirement of rest each night. This can depend of your age.

Have you had any post-indulgence days that left you seeking relief? What’s works for you? Consider pursuing a healthier lifestyle and partaking in nutraceutical supplementation.

Majority of what I mentioned for advice of a healthier regiment can be found by looking into my Eniva Health vitamin store. Anything from detoxing, enzyme products and adding probiotics in your diet, can help the body come back to normal! What is Eniva Health? Eniva Health specializes in optimizing health outcomes.

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Thank you for reading!

Neil Saint Angeland

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