It’s Labor Day! Do You Love Your Job?

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September.

This day honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the American Country.

Labor is an important part of our lives.

Hard work brings us the income we need and if applied correctly, the prosperity we desire.

Do you love your job? Or due you feel like your job is only a means to an end?

Does your job feel like a prison?

Do you hate your job and wish you were doing something more fulfilling?

Do you wish for an increase in income?

Did you know that 70 percent of Americans hate their jobs and approximately 100 million full-time employees in America, about 51 percent are not engaged at work meaning they feel no real connection to their jobs, and tend to do the bare minimum on the job?

Another 16 percent of american workers are “actively disengaged”!

These workers resent their jobs, and tend to gripe to their co-workers and drag down office morale as a result.

These workers are disgruntled about the direction of their companies, and feel their needs are not being met at work and don’t fully understand what is expected of them.

Do you fit into these categories?

Maintaining a healthy mind On the Go at work is essential, and part of aiming towards security in your life is applying a stronger focus on your job.

Often times you might feel ungrateful of your job, however would you believe the job you have is one of the keys to your financial security?

When you complaint about work, it could bring about a negative pattern in your mind and complaining about not getting paid enough only brings about destain for your only job.

One very wise man said that anything you compliant about will eventually disappear.

Now if you are in a job that truly is toxic and causing you issues, then do all that you can to find a new job.

If you are currently unemployed, start by finding any job and work with the right attitude in mind.

Why do Americans get negative about work?

Are Americans just a bunch of spoiled babies? Or is it something much deeper that makes us go down this road?

The answer I believe is that when we do not follow our passion our mind and body rebels and we could become miserable and eventually feel trapped in our circumstances.

If you don’t like your job, start today with the attitude of gratefulness, and then work towards building your pathway towards what you really would love to do.

Another thing that will help your attitude at work and eventually serve your career passion is to serve other coworkers!

Even the ones you may not like!

Be the best team member you could possibly be! Believe me, I know this by experience! Your co-workers will love you and most of the time your boss will appreciate you as well!

Need guidance?

I can guide you in the right direction and also point you towards the right tools that can assist you in your career building.

Whether you love your current job and have hopes of climbing the corporate ladder, or you are building a small business, start today by taking charge of your career life.

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Thank you for reading!

Neil Saint Angeland

Life Coach at Saint Angeland Creative