My Passion for Natural Health and Healing!


My passion for natural health and healing grows more and more every month.

I enjoy reading about the latest discoveries in natural health, which is mostly a rediscovery of what was practiced long ago by our ancestors. The practice is Ayurveda medicine.

I will talk more about this very ancient medicine practice for another post.

My family and I have been through a lot of trials when it comes to illness.

Whenever I apply natural health regiments I find relief of my health issues. I have had to curb my indulgence for natural health books over the years.

I gathered so many books on the topic of natural health that my bookshelf I assigned for these types of books is overflowing into another bookshelf section.

Not just a passion for myself when it comes to natural health, but I also have a passion for everyone on our planet to learn and apply natural healing in the lives of many others.

My hope in blogging about natural health is that it this information will reach internationally and that many will learn what will be new to them which are remedies that can help them feel better.

You may ask, why do we need another natural health writer or even another natural health practitioner?

Due to the way people make poor food choices and consume unnatural foods on a daily basis, I believe there is not enough natural health writers or even enough natural health practitioners in our world too get the truth out there.

I know that writers like myself of Natural Health and Healing cannot state that we can treat, diagnose or cure health issues. If we did we would get in big trouble with the Food and Drug Administration.

I understand that the Food and Drug Administration are trying to regulate fraudulent practices and this can bleed over into practitioners who use natural health as a stand alone practice, when a more integrative approach may be needed.

Or solely using alternative health products without knowledge of the side effects, or what can be mixed and what cannot be mixed.

Anyway, back to my passion of finding new discoveries or rediscoveries in natural health. I remember long ago when I was very sick and everyone who knew my parents and I, wanted to find a cure for what ailed me.

Our friends and extended family members came up with anything from old wives’ tales remedies like eating black cherries to eating raisins soaked in gin, to getting my head anointed with oil to receiving light therapy from a state of the art medical device.

The 3 Week Diet

I felt like I went through a lot of quick fixes, and none of these remedies had any lasting effects.

I know our friends and family meant well, but there simply is no substitute for nutrition for the human body!

We need to feed our body nutrients everyday! Our body craves the right nutrients! The As, the Bs, the Cs, Ds, Es, etc!

And we also need water! Not just any water, but water that is not from the tap. Why not drink water from the tap?

Our tap water has fluoride that has been proven to not only be toxic to us in the long run, but also immediately shut down the function of the pineal gland, which is a necessary gland in our brain.

I will explain more about this important gland in our brain on another post.

Another important practice to follow is researching the vitamin companies for purity and absorbability. In my search, only one company has met these requirements of our bodies needs.

The company I will share about is a nutraceutical company that has been around for twenty years and is run by twin brothers with a passion to bring wellness to the world.

I met these twin brothers about ten years ago after been given two packet samples of their flagship product.

I felt like I was getting chronic fatigue syndrome and shared this symptom I had with a current roommate.

The roommate told me that this product would give me much needed energy. He shared the benefits and the history of the company however I was too tired to hear it at the time.

He then handed me the vitamin packets and I took one, which happened to be in the evening. I immediately felt amazing and healthy energy.

Not like those sugary energy drinks in the tall cans that irritate your guts. Then I had a pressing concern. What if I cannot sleep with this coursing through my body?

I headed to bed that night and I was completely amazed that I slept like a baby!

The next morning I took the remaining vitamin packet and experienced once again incredible energy the rest of my workday, and continued energy into the evening.

I was so impressed with this vitamin product that I wanted to meet these two brothers who created these products and see their amazing company.

I have always been skeptical of multi level companies, however this one is much more different than the other vitamin companies I have encountered and partook of their vitamin products.

The vitamins from other companies were either in pill form, which rarely absorbed in your body and would mostly run right through you into the toilet, or in powder form which almost always tasted awful and would wear out quickly.

The company I am speaking about that helps drive my passion for natural health and healing is entitled “Eniva” which is a semi-palindrome of the word “A Vine”.

These two brothers are Christians, however the company is not religious. Believing in Jesus is not supported on taking something, but believing and trusting in Jesus.

Their product that took years to develop is amazing and is their flagship product! This nutraceutical vitamin product is entitled “Vibe”!

Vibe is the first nutraceutical product I took from this company and since taking this product for the first time, I have added several of their other amazing vitamin products to my health regiment.

I currently take their natural Omega 3 fish oil product entitled “Efacor”, their liquid vitamin C, and their Glucosamine Chondroitin MSN product entitled “Flex”!

Eniva Health products have stood the test of time and they continue to get better and better, and more nutraceutical products are created each year.

Anything from products for your body health to products for your pets and even healthier choice vitamins for your children! Wild discoveries indeed, are being created every day!

Have you considered pursuing a healthier lifestyle and partaking in nutraceutical supplementation?

Are you worn out each day before noon?

Feel like you are aging faster than you should be?

Need to see more clearly?

Perhaps shed unwanted weight?

Or just need a proper body cleansing?

My Eniva Health vitamin store has just what you need to help. Anything from detoxing, enzyme products and adding probiotics in your diet, can help the body return back to normal or help in maintaining a healthier body!

What is Eniva Health?

Eniva Health specializes in optimizing health outcomes.

Would you like to know more? Click on this link and peruse my store!

These statements have not been evaluated by, the US Food and Drug Administration. Eniva Health products do not treat, reduce, cure or prevent disease. Proper weight management should be accomplished with a good diet and exercise. Eniva Health supplements are meant to assist the body’s efforts in weight management and do not guarantee weight loss. Consult your health care provider before starting a supplementation program.

Thank you for reading!

Neil Saint Angeland