New Year, New Domain, New Website 2018

Hello Friends,

Sorry that I could not post in time to wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year.

With a new year, changes are usually made. For me, it was necessary to make changes.

I had to take over my own web hosting and unfortunately had to wait a long time for this change to happen. And it was a daunting experience.

Thankfully all of the bugs got worked out, so I am back and ready to blog again, in the New Year!

So why did I have to take over my own web hosting and why the changes to my business name?

My friend who was my web host not only is married with children. He recently went back to school for Computer Science.

I am proud of him for making that step of educating himself further and towards a great degree.

It adds an extra weight to my plate, however, I am also willing to learn.

I plan to post on Healthy Living, and Personal Development each week.

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Thank You for reading!

To your Journey!

Neil Saint Angeland

Your Friendly Neighborhood Copy Content Writer!