Certified Copywriter through Lurn!

Several of the most frequently needed services are:

  • Web Content– Is your website content filled with targeted messages that get results? Are the search engines finding you and ranking you high enough for your prospects and customers to find you? Is your website selling product for you? Is it building prospect lists for you? I can do these and more with the right content.
  • Social Media Management – We can help you schedule and analyze your social media marketing campaigns. Social media management solutions can help you manage outbound and incoming online interactions — along with other small business marketing activities — in a more efficient manner.
  • Business to Business – Many businesses you want to do business with need a wide range of marketing communications on a regular basis: web pages, direct mail letters, emails, advertisements, brochures, newsletters, blog posts, social media profiles, you name it. I can help you connect with these desired businesses and get you the sales you need.
  • Case Studies– You have customer stories that prospects would love to hear – stories that could potentially turn those prospects into clients. Allow me to put something together that can leverage those success stories into promoting your business.
  • White Papers– There is an abundance of research on your products or services but none in a format that you can use as informational pieces. I can compile that data into a usable document that can help persuade prospects to follow through on a purchase.
  • Newsletters– Internally or externally, newsletters connect employees, clients, prospects or perhaps donors to your business or organization. Are you creating one that reflects your message and mission?
  • Blogging– Not providing a blog yet? Should you? Blogs with the right content pull more traffic to your site and can be used to spread the word about your products and services. And when written properly, the search engine rankings for your website can be improved.
  • Interactive Marketing– Stay in touch with your customers and prospects. Let them know regularly what’s going on with your business or use an email campaign to win over prospects.
  • Video Creation – I create videos to help advertise your business.
  • Life Coaching – I provide Life Coaching for Career guidance.

For a no-obligation quote on your project, simply contact me to discuss your needs. If there is something specific that you need and it isn’t listed above, let’s discuss it further. Perhaps it is something that I provide in addition to this list. If I cannot provide it for you, I will recommend someone who can.

I am Certified through Lurn in Copywriting and Facebook!