She Persisted! Could You as Well?

She Turned Her Cant into Can and Her Dreams into Plans!
This is a very powerful statement! Change your can’t and dreams into doing!
Too often I have seen many dreamers expect their businesses to just be handed to them with little to no problems.
Why do people who definitely have desires and passions for their business careers end up going nowhere?
Often they give up because it can be really hard getting started. And they could lose hope in their dreams.
Why does this happen?
Our society often has brainwashed us into just showing up and become rewarded.
An example at a young age is kids participating in sports activities all get trophies.
If you are of some type of minority culture you may get a free handout.
These types of actions can harm your thinking, making you think you don’t need to work so hard.
The reality is you need to earn what you are striving after. Special treatment is never sustainable.
Changing your negatives into positives and your dreams into plans is a great step towards success.
No matter how often you may feel you are failing, don’t give up! Giving up is the truest of failures.
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Keith Neil
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