The RED Door of Abundance and Fortune!

Recently I have seen another Red Door in a neighborhood I was visiting, and I immediately went right to thoughts of what the Chinese believe, that when painting their door red before the Chinese New Year their household will experience fortune!

That is as long as their door faces south or southwest. Anyway….

I discovered that other cultures including the United States have different meanings for red doors, however, I will cover these meanings in another post.

So as I mentioned in China, painting your door Red in general means abundance and fortune. I then think of how most of us in the USA would want to do this simple act of painting a door as an easy path to abundance and fortune.

Another way of choosing a specific color is America having such an addiction of playing the lottery or going to gambling casinos in hopes of hitting an instant fortune, when most of the time these instant wins wreaks havoc in their lives, rather than bring fortune and abundance.

There is a better pathway to fortune and abundance, and that is doing what you are passionate about.

What I mean by this is most Americas go to jobs they don’t like just to make a meager paycheck and wonder if they will get a promotion that will get them more money, but it will still not bring them the passion they desire.

Consider doing what you love, but understand this pathway is handwork, however, is worth pursuing!

“The Road to Success has no Secrets! Being Successful is the Result of Preparation, Hard Work, and Learning from Failure.”

So many of us would rather sit back, stare at our phones, and hope, like the Chinese hope that their red doors would bring them a quick fortune.

Digging in your heels, sweat and getting dirty is where to start. Now I don’t mean this figuratively, however it might take that, depending on what type of career path you are looking to achieve.

In the quote I shared, Success is a road and most of the time can be a long one. Know that you don’t have to go on this road alone, however many have embarked on sole proprietor businesses and come to their destination, after many failures into prosperity.

Start with much preparation. What does this mean exactly?

Have you heard of a business plan? This is your best Blueprint for getting you started!

After your blueprint or gameplay is laid out, the next step is hard work! What does this mean?

It means focus, sacrifice, and investment in your career building! This is what could bring you abundance and fortune.

Working as a lone ranger can be lonely and often if you need accountability, it is better than you gain a mentor to help you get moving in the right direction and maybe reduce the phone game time, movie and tv watching and play time, so you can hit your target!

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Thank You for reading!

To your Journey!

Neil Saint Angeland

Life Coach