Three Toxic Coworkers You Need to Avoid!

We have all encountered co-workers that end up working against us in the workplace and in some cases, get us fired.

Too often I have trusted co-workers who only got me in trouble or allowed them to bully me.

Here are three types of employees that can be hard to spot at the start of your career, however avoiding them is a must.

Aggressive people with low self-esteem often end up in positions of power by bullying their way to the top, and causing all kinds of undo stress and health issues in your life and the life of other co-workers.

It’s sad, but true.

Toxic employees may be hard to detect when you are new to the department.

Consider these steps going forward. These toxic people bring other co-workers down with them and could affect your productivity, drain creativity, and make you feel unaccomplished.

Contradictor or Complainer!

One of the toxic coworkers to avoid is the Contradictor or Complainer! Bad attitudes are contagious. Someone who is constantly saying “no” or contradicting other normally positive people can quickly sour an office environment.

Should you enable this type of behavior and run in the other direction? Take warning against enabling the complainer, though their actions might seem harmless at first.

While you might initially feel obligated to listen, associating yourself too closely with this toxic person could give you a bad reputation at work. So do not give in or chime in with your negativity, but rather be friendly and keep conversations positive with this type of co-worker.

Negativity is a contagion! Keep this disease from spreading in your department! Positivity is the right policy. Maybe you can be the person to begin to change your work environment from toxic to optimistic.

Whatever the intentions are, these negative tendencies of toxic coworkers spread like a disease. Resist the temptation of joining in or the tearing down. It can be difficult to avoid, however do not add to the toxicity of your work environment.

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The Gossiper

Some workplaces turn into toxic and hostile feeling places. The gossipers pop up in the professional business landscape and at times they’re mildly distracting and other times they are totally destructive!

Gossip can be enticing and juicy at times however You will want to avoid these types of coworkers. Before you know it your name will be part of the gossip. Or worse, you could get reported to your boss and worst case scenario, fired!

When the gossiper tries to lure you into their game, politely tell them that you don’t want to get involved in company gossip. Be simple and straightforward with these coworkers.

If you get caught in this snare with these co-workers spreading false information, even if you have nothing to do with the gossip, your name is attached and your position could be put in jeopardy.

Be careful what you say at your workplace and to which co-workers. The old saying of “Think before you speak” applies in a toxic environment.

The Frosted Flake

Your simple request when we put in your hard work each day is that everyone of your co-workers is as hardworking as you.

Unfortunately, almost every office environment each day will have a few coworkers who don’t show up even though they are physically present at work. These coworkers will not pull their weight and flake out on assignments.

Do your best too avoid getting wrapped up in their failures to deliver if you can avoid this. Trusting these coworkers to assist you in work assignments will only leave you unprepared or you will feel taken advantage of.

You would wish they would give you a heads-up before not showing up for a big meeting, or assisting you in a project with a tight deadline.

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Finding Resolution

When you feel affected by toxic co-workers, simply remember that you are a rational person who makes good decisions.

Consider talking to your manager, or with human resources, If you think you could safely share about these issues with them?

Your Manager or human resources representatives may be able to share ways that you can spend less time around toxic co-workers, and going forward, be a better and more productive employee.

Stay true to yourself at all times. Contribute to creating a positive work environment. Bully bosses get fired and with building of a more positive environment, better bosses step up.

When it comes to your place of work, it is best to be on everyone’s good side.

Thank you for reading!

Neil Saint Angeland