Welcome to my Blog for Natural Health, Healing and Personal Development!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I am a Natural Health and Healing, and Personal Development Writer.

I am also a Life Coach for Career Development.

My passion for natural health and healing started when I was tired of being sick all the time. When I was a baby I dealt with autoimmune conditions, that still stick with me too this day.

However I find much relief in natural remedies and the latest discoveries in natural health, and healing which is mostly a rediscovery of what was practiced long ago by our ancestors.

This type of medicine we used to practice is entitled “Ayurveda medicine”.

Over the years I enjoyed hearing family, friends, and acquaintances want to do for careers.

Sometimes they had no idea what they want to do, so this is where my natural skill of guiding them in what they are passionate about came into play.

One of my dear friends said I should be a counselor however I felt I would rather help people with career building and not marriage counseling.

I then heard about Life Coaching and felt that this career would be a natural fit into my desire to help people feel better and succeed at their own pace in life.

This blog will serve as the purpose of assisting you in healthy food and healthy life choices and personal development in career building.

Thank you for reading!

Neil Saint Angeland