What is Cyber Sickness?

I have always felt uneasy about Virtual Reality glasses and the video games that use them.

During Thanksgiving dinner this year my good friend Jay shared with me the issues people are experiencing with Virtual Reality.

He explained that people are suffering what is called cyber-sickness.

I had no idea that such a health problem existed.

I did have a bad dream of people using VR, becoming programmed to kill! Let’s hope that does not happen in our waking life.

So what is Cyber-Sickness exactly?

The best definition of Cyber-Sickness is similar to motion sickness and could typically occur during or after immersion in a virtual environment

Cybersickness is believed to occur primarily as a result of conflicts between three sensory systems: visual, vestibular and proprioceptive.

The most common symptoms are general discomfort, headache, stomach awareness, nausea, vomiting, pallor, sweating, fatigue, drowsiness, disorientation, and apathy.

Personally, I have no desire to put these goggles on myself however if you decide to partake of this activity, consider these Cyber-sickness Remedies.

The mismatch of inputs between your eyes and the rest of your senses that happens when watching 3D or virtual reality movies, playing games, and even using your smartphone could cause a major health problem.

If you’re feeling the symptoms of cyber-sickness don’t worry, there are many things you can try to bring some relief and then you may be able to watch and play longer.

  • Chew gum, or just chewing
  • Breath calmly
  • Wear an anti-seasickness wristband
  • Limit your exposure
  • Use peripheral-limiting VR Goggles or Glasses
  • Wear the ReliefBand a medically proven motion sickness treatment device
  • Use the highest possible refresh rate or frame rate available
  • Turn off “bobbing” motion of your avatar or their movement
  • Set your visual position at the point of your avatar’s head. Some video games allow you to be in front or behind your avatar which could increase symptoms
  • Practice good hydration
  • Look away from the screen for some time, If you’re watching a 3D or motion movie
  • Medication such as Dramamine, Stugeron, Bonine/Antivert, and Scopolamine in patch or pill form

So if you cannot resist using VR, then consider pacing yourself in the use of the VR video games you play and 3D or motion movies.

Thank you for reading!

Neil Saint Angeland